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Minnesota Public Health Association

Since 1907, MPHA has been dedicated to creating a healthier Minnesota through effective public health practice and engaged citizens. 


Established in 1907, the Minnesota Public Health Association (MPHA) is a volunteer-driven organization representing a broad spectrum of community and health professionals on behalf of the public. It is an organization where public health workers from multiple disciplines and sectors come together around shared values and goals. We engage and develop our members to mobilize the community to protect and improve the public’s health.

MPHA works in partnership with other organizations and groups of organizations to achieve our mutual public health policy goals.


The mission of the Minnesota Public Health Association (MPHA) is to create a healthier Minnesota through effective public health practice and engaged citizens. 


Our vision is to be an active, independent voice for public health in Minnesota.

About MPHA's new logo

A main feature of this logo is its circular shape. In our initial feedback from lifetime and student MPHA members, many people shared that they associated feelings of inclusivity, guidance, protection, and leadership with public health in Minnesota. During our listening session, most attendees liked the shape of a circle and felt that it was welcoming to viewers. Like the shape of many of our lakes, the circular shape represents the flow of history around public health in Minnesota.

A main feature of this logo is its swirling movement. In our initial feedback from lifetime and student MPHA members, a lot of members shared that when thinking about an image representing public health in Minnesota, they thought about water and nature. This logo shares that focus as an abstract wave designed to move the eye around, reflecting our movement since our establishment in 1907 boldly into the future.

A main feature of this logo is its diverse color palette. In our initial feedback from lifetime and student members, blue and green were common colors associated with public health in Minnesota. During our listening session open to all members and friends of MPHA, there was a large focus on how many different dimensions of public health exist - yet one definite image would never be encompassing our many focuses. There was also a desire to not only have one main color for the organization, as many cultures have different preferred and symbolic color tones. As a result, we create a main color palette that will be accompanied by a secondary palette to use for creating accessible documents and graphics moving forward. The different color wedges in our logo represents the many different identities and focuses within our diverse field.

Thanks again to all who gave their voices in this rebranding process!


The Minnesota Public Health Association is an affiliated association of the American Public Health Association (APHA). We have collaborated with APHA to grow stronger as organizations, to share expertise, influence, and resources, and to advocate for common priorities at the local, state and federal levels. MPHA pays dues to APHA, but are otherwise financially independent. MPHA has an independent infrastructure, charter, policies and procedures.

APHA is the national voice of public health and champions the health of all people and all communities. It is the only organization that combines a 150-year perspective, a broad-based member community and the ability to influence federal policy to improve the public’s health. Learn more at

MPHA is a member of a group of APHA's Region V state affiliates called the Great Lakes Public Health Coalition (GLPHC). This robust group of affiliates collaborates on regional public health policy issues, mutual support and shared learning.

States involved with the GLPHC include Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin. 

For more information, visit the Great Lakes Public Health Coalition website


Coalitions are groups of organizations that collaborate on a single issue or topic. MPHA accomplishes much of our advocacy work through our coalition partners. 

MPHA Coalition and Partnership Representatives

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